Full name: Barberfellas

The Barberfellas is a small barbershop chorus – with a twist – based in London.

When we were formed in 2010 from a group of enthusiastic Pink Singers, we began with barbershop music, a form of close-harmony a capella singing. The barbershop style is – to us at least – one of the most ‘masculine’ of choral forms, tracing its roots, and its name, to the barbershops where working class men gathered in the industrial cities of the U.S in the early 20th century.  Not shy about exploring our masculinity, we give this musical style our own special sparkle!

With time we have diversified our repertoire, while staying true to unaccompanied close harmony vocal performances. We’re very fortunate to have talented arrangers in our midst who create harmonies from popular songs we like to sing. It has also gone down well with the audiences at the concerts, community events, parties and weddings we have performed at, and in the last year we’ve been particularly busy, appearing at gigs around our home base in London, in the U.K. – including Brighton, Southampton and Cardiff – and even overseas in Taiwan!

The Barberfellas are especially excited to return to Mallorca for the Mallorca LGTB choral festival because we had such a fantastic time last year, and it is a privilege to officially take part this year! A massive ‘thank you’ must go to Joan Lainez, the director of the festival and a good friend, for inviting us back.

If you want to see more of the Barberfellas, we can be found on-line and on the usual social networking sites.